A Solid Foundation Pty Ltd has been built on the dedication and skills of a team with over 40 years experience across 15 countries. Together or individually they provide practical, competitive and flexible business solutions. Hands-on assistance is offered from inception to delivery of any assignment or project in the industrial, infrastructure, energy and business sectors.

Board, CEO, Line Manager and Change Management skills and integration experience ensures practical and achievable outcomes for your business. We specialise in creating innovative and practical solutions for both businesses and individuals facing challenges in their field of endeavour, including company transitions to more competitive environments and the transfer of utilities from Government ownership.

Our people deliver outcomes for each component along the business value chain, covering concept, financial assessments, planning and project execution. We provide skills for operations improvement through better asset utlisation and increased labour productivity. Our resources can be committed full time, part time, with individuals integrated into your teams or separately.

All team members have proven, ethical track records in dealing with and supporting change management.